Dia de los Muertos: Live Blog

I’ve had a wonderful time so far with the food, the people and the vibes. I did however encounter moments where I found white people taking up space in a POC space. Firstly, the two white women who dressed up as clowns and put on a show, made me a little uncomfortable because I felt it was a very sacred and spiritual space and I didn’t feel like they fit in. Not only were they taking up physical space but also time.

Secondly, there was a group of high school students who came to the event for their Spanish class. Most of them were white. I was standing next to them and they were being so loud and obnoxious with their rude comments. They were attempting to speak Spanish but they were speaking it very sarcastically. They were also taking up physical space. There were so many of them at the front and in seats when they could have offered the elderly women their seat or even allowed members of the community closer to the front.

Lastly, I was walking away and one of the girls said “adios” with attitude and a strong english accent and very sarcastically. Before I left I let them know that the next time they enter POC spaces, to not take up too much space and to be respectful, know their place as white people.

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