Group 8 Live Blog 1

Before coming to El Centro, I expected the event to be quiet with people standing by the altars they had built. Instead when I got here, people were moving up and down the hallway to look at the altars, people were introducing themselves to one another, and they were talking to each other throughout the event. The atmosphere was friendly and open, people were celebrating their loved ones and causes that they cared about. One of the altars was about the air traffic over Beacon Hill. It had a note that was praying for peace and quiet. In the note, it talked about how the planes flying overhead has taken away sleep and the ability to focus. I was talking to a woman here about it and she said that the planes fly over almost every 3 minutes, so there really isn’t any peace. The altar had a graph of all the lines a plane from SeaTac flies over every day and how many times it went over Beacon Hill specifically. There were so many lines blended together that it looked like a solid color. 

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