Group 3 Blog Post #2: The Event!

Today we arrived at the event as a class and got to observer other altars/ofrendas as well as show our altar to other guests at the event. It was interesting to the see the various ways in which other group chose to interpret the theme, “honoring those who built bridges, not walls” as well as the celebration of dia de los muertos as a whole. As a group we got to interview many people and one person that stood out in particular was Michael Dixon from the Black Panther Party. Michael told us that dia de los muertos to him was a celebration of life and death as well as unity and the coming together of community for the celebration. Michael is also and alumni of the UW and helped create OMAD and stressed the importance of resistance and passing down resiliency through generations.

2 thoughts on “Group 3 Blog Post #2: The Event!

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