El Desfile de Lxs Músicxs

Starting from a spontaneous session on the third floor, eight musicians collectively decided on chords and a rhythm and used this to lead a procession through the hallway of altars. There was a great variety of instruments traditional to Venezuelan fandango musical custom, including a charrasca, an animal’s jaw bone, used in a manner similar to that of a wood cricket. They lined up and performed throughout El Centro to their new auditorium where they broke into song and dance, and spectators received pan dulce and took a seat to watch. Many people, kids in particular, joined in in the dancing. The music was uplifting and positive, and the energy of the dancers and musicians alike was palpable. The musical tradition forms a central aspect of Día de los Muertos festivities.

2 thoughts on “El Desfile de Lxs Músicxs

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