Women Who Rock: Quito, Ecuador Encuentro

Live post:

After a round of introductions from everyone in the circle, the rappers began talking about their music as well as other feminist programs. Taki Amaru is a rapper who raps in Kichwa to bring to light discussions about indigenous people all over Ecuador. We had a chance to meet Caye before and hear about her project, Women Behind the Camera. During her introduction, Black Mama talked about how she had been fighting for racial rights, but upon meeting Caye, she took on a broader fight for women’s rights. She also said that when she met hip hop she found a way to reach more people, people who needed this message, and has met others in the hip hop world to rap with and also work with for a cause she believes in. When Jessica introduced herself, she spoke about her projects in both music and graffiti. She was also part of the first women’s hip hop group in Quito, and is now working on a solo project. After brief introductions, the rappers began talking about how they met and admired each other at concerts, and it was inspiring to me not only to see these women supporting each other but the way they want to fight for and uplift other women of all backgrounds.

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