Women Who Rock: Quito, Ecuador Encuentro

Live Post:

At the encuentro, the panelists are now answering questions and talking about their own experiences as rappers and women. There are also now three dogs at the event. Caye just asked Jessica how the other hip hop artists reacted to her being a part of that group, and how Jessica responded to their reaction. Jessica says (with Ana Gabriela aka Black Mama translating) that the reactions were different because they were all girls going up on the stage using “big words with big mouths.” Some guys were supportive, but it was hard. Black Mama then said that the women in that group made a path for women in hip hop, allowing for a new role for those women. Now, those women get to have their own crews, and Jessica is going solo.
Black Mama then spoke to her experience at a rap battle where she battled 80 men. After, she received death threats, and other women told her that those threats are the reason to not go to the battles, to stop rapping. Black Mama received rape threats, was booed and yelled at, and nearly gave up hip hop. She thought about leaving, but didn’t want to lose the ability to be heard, although she is still facing consequences from that show. But in her own words, “I keep on rapping, and nobody gonna stop me.”

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