Live Blog #1

We are here once again in Quito Ecuador, at the event Feminista Hip Hop/Futurismo Feminista: Encuentro & Dialogo  with Cayetana Solano also known as Caye Cayejera and Ana Gabriela Cano also known as Black Mama on stage. They have brought two new guests, Taki Amaru, a Kwicha rapper and Jeka Libre. We have continued the conversations we started in class. One of the things that have stuck me the most since the event started was what Taki has shared with us. “Sumak Kawsay es muy ponderosa…es aprender a vivir en harmonia, con las energias que ni si quiera son solo con nosotros de humanos, es entender que hay energias que bajan des de los cosmos, que asienden de la tierra, y poder vivir con plentitud con eso.”

English Translation:

Sumak Kawsay is very powerful… it’s learning how to live in harmony, with the energies that are beyond human, that come from above and below earth, and being able to live fully with that.

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