Liveblog: 5:35 pm

The events so far have been spectacular; the initial blessings were beautiful and touching, while the Women’s Steel Drum performance immediately brought the already high energy to a breaking point. The speak back about standing rock followed, and although it was physically and auditorily a lot less explosive, the energy in the room was not permitted to drop. The seriousness channeled the present enthusiasm into the main purpose of women who rock: making a change. Each speaker built upon the last, and after it was done I (and doubtlessly most the room) was far more educated on Standing Rock and inspired to go out and do more. Immediately we transitioned to the more lighthearted workshops, and I feel like this back and forth epitomizes the Unconference: a space for people to come together, for change in the world and for reveling in their identities.

2 thoughts on “Liveblog: 5:35 pm

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