“(Art) is really a tool to connect with people, to connect with myself… to connect with culture and community.” -Yesenia Hunter


This is a photo of Yesenia Hunter and her partner, James.

Yesi is an artist and community activist in Yakima, Washington. Underneath the threads of capitalist, patriarchal values that drive music industry and popular culture, agents like Yesenia Hunter inspire vibrant communities centered around music, art, love, and positivity. Yesi works as an illustrator, linographer, and program coordinator for Yakima Music en Accion. This year, Yesi is the lead coordinator for the Women Who Rock UNconference that will be held on Saturday, April 23rd in Yakima.

Yesi was recently featured in a podcast on Latino USA Radio. Listen here for an enjoyable and inspiring story about Yakima history:

#1547 – Reservations

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