Wrapping Up, But is our Work Done


Wrapping up the conference in a flurry of child’s legs running freely over the now blank stage, the energy of the success of the day is palpable. Fluffy tutus are jammed into plastic bags and smiles and laughter celebrate the work of a day well-done. A young child falls asleep in her fathers’ arms while he finishes a generous slice of cake and begins to take down the music wall at the back of the hall. Outside through the backstage door I ask a woman who is responsible for the organization of this event and as she laughs good-heartedly she tells me “Oh it’s all of us, but that rockstar over there gave us the empowerment to let us, do us, all day long.” Pointing to a exhausted but ecstatic African American woman on the other side of the room, I make my way over to introduce myself and congratulate her on her amazing work, curious of how an event like this started. Good vibes permeate the scene and although the (un)conference may be over, rockin social justice never ends.

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