Screen Printer and ARTwork

Although T-shirt making was not the focus of the event, I still felt the need to discuss this station. Firstly, the machine that was used for the t-shirts was made by a young women at her house. This was a contraption I had never witnessed and it worked successfully every time she used it. She also explained how I could attempt to recreate the machine and possibly use it as a fundraiser at my school for my organization Sisterhood. She was very friendly a gave positive vibes. I noticed a sign that stated suggested donations, and even after all my questions and comments she didn’t mention the price. I gave her money anyways and I know she appreciated it. Another station that was very unique was the painting canvases, they were all very authentic and looked very detailed. Overall whether you were buying merchandise or engaging in conversation, everyone volunteering was friendly and social. I even got a few pictures taken.

–   Tryakel Anderson

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