Marching for Justice


While it may have felt early for some of us, the turnout for the morning march was certainly bright: the blue sky welcomed us–a crowd of perhaps 50 or so men and women representing all ages and parts of the community–as we gathered around a pickup truck blaring pump-up jams at 39th and Rainier Avenue in Columbia City. Waiting for our cue to begin walking, we rehearsed chants led by women from Gabriela, a local Filipina collective working toward gender justice, who helped put on the Women Who Rock (un)conference today.

And then it was time: the half-mile stretch felt surprisingly short as we pranced powerfully down Rainier Avenue toward the cultural center, waving signs and shouting and singing as loudly as we could. It was a very powerful feeling to make my voice heard, but also to band together with others in such a concrete manner. People noticed us today, and regardless of whether or not they listened to our message of equality and justice for all, they certainly heard us.

– Molly Warinsky, Group 16

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