Defining the Women Who Rock (Un)Conference

5pm, here at the Women Who Rock (Un)Conference, the facilitator at the microphone inquires to the audience about their experiences today. The first respondents? A group of children, facing the audience, sitting on the stage. One of the children, identifying as female, announces that she is a 5th time incumbent of the (un)conference. During discussion with the audience, we are moved to conversation about how everyone loved the children’s presence at the (un)conference, how there is no shame for the distruption the children may cause. This distruption is what that WWR (Un)Conference is about. The adult audience of the (un)conference share that WWR is about challenging the mainstream, pushing for the future. The WWR is open and colorful, flexibly and loving. The WWR is a space to share experiences and honoring uniqueness.

Johnathan Hill

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