WWR Media Justice

The opening performance was extremely attention grabbing. We weren’t able to take videos or pictures because it was a traditional song from her family however her voice was powerful and made the whole room echo so I won’t ever forget it. Following the performance the WWR panel went upstage and gave us some information about WWR, and what each of them are mostly involved in. The most interesting thing was the tie they made between two totally different sounds, Punk and HipHop, both of which are displays of struggle, injustice, or expressions of emotion. Next came percussion by “Fernando” I believe, which is a live band who plays a traditional “Jam Session” type performance. So many different instruments and loud bangs at once it’s pretty interesting. Kind of reminds me of improvised Jazz without the Jazz. Pretty engaging and fun to watch!

One thought on “WWR Media Justice

  1. Toda la je te que estaban bilando y cantando estaban muy orgullosos y estaban muy felizes! Me encanto ver todos tan felizes. It was great seeing how genuine everyone is around here, and of course it was awesome seeing so much spanish influence in their performance. The way everyone was signing and dancing together made it feel like I really was experiencing a different culture first hand. Toda la jente que están aquí tienen mucho energía! Ira awesome, everyone esta everyone yo hace an awesome time and just let loose. I’m hoping to see more performances like that where people just let loose.

    -Heaven Aguilar

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