Setting the Stage For Community

Group 14

Molly Woerner

The introduction of the Women Who Rock Unconference started with a light opening from various authors of its production. Explained as “her story”, Michelle and Sonnet proposed the question “why are women of color dis included from the story of popular music?” The other members of the introduction answered the question in a way by saying that it is now the job of the community to document and archive the stories of women to create participatory media. An interesting aspect of the introduction was the somewhat casual mood. This set the stage for a welcoming community forum which seems to be the purpose of the Women Who Rock. By taking the project to the people, a strong “female ethos” is built. This idea empowered the future forum and panel. Stepping away from the regular academic setting was refreshing. Cultivating a space of an open forum takes away of constrictions and constructs which is ultimately what keeps women out of the traditional stories of media.

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