Zapateado and Decima Workshop – Women of Seattle Fandango Project

I am live blogging and learning to Fandango at the same time.

This is a community practice. So I’m going to break away from the laptop and practice community through Fandango and then blog.

PAN cafe con PAN cafe con PAN cafe con Pan cafe con Pan

PAN     FE      PAN      FE     PAN    FE       PAN      FE      PAN

Wow, this is great. This is a way of connecting with everyone in the circle. The Fandango is the party, and some people dance, some people sing, some people play instruments. The songs are the poems, the Decimas are a form with 10 lines, each line has 8 syllables.

We have three decimas up to get the counting: one in English, one in Spanish, and one bilingual. The 7th syllable is the strong one, it’s where you feel the flow.

“In my voice I find the POW-er”

But if your seventh syllable is strong, that’s where you land.

“Through these syllables the TRUTH”

Now that we have learned the basic form, we are ready to write Decimas.

You know, it isn’t really possible to live blog and FANDANGO at the same time, but I’m glad I tried. I tried to connect this community-formation practice of FANDANGO with the community-formation practice of LIVE BLOG. What I love about what I learned from this FANDANGO workshop is the ethic of practice. Some people do it really well, and have lots of experience, but all of us were called into the circle to form community and taught basic steps and practice together. Now everyone is on the floor, writing decimas. Let’s do this every week.

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