Alice Bag and Medusa Keynote Event

Alice Bag just read an excerpt from her new book, Violence Girl. It is truly a revelation, this book. A MUST-READ. And what a treat to hear Alice read from it–such vibrations of love. And now she’s singing a punkchera, a ranchera with a punk band, it’s the gold coin ranchera, which she’s already told us has a punk sensibility. For her second excerpt, she decides to tell the story instead of reading it. She’s telling us about the glitter scene. She dreamed of Elton John, wanted to marry him–or just touch his garment. Now she’s going to sing “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” which is the song she sang in a school talen show when she discovered “what it was like to BE Elton.” Oh this is the best. The quality of the way she jumps into this song–and now she’s having everyone pass around the mic and sing the chorus. Medusa joins in. Now Alice is telling us about forming the punk band, The Bags, and they wore paper bags on their heads. She grew up in an abusive household. The band became a way to express her rage with her whole being. She reads from her book, a story about performing “Violence Girl,” a great story about rage and performance–I won’t do a spoiler here. Read the book. Medusa comes up to finish the set with Alice and the Januaries (SP?): “Babylonian Gorgon.” Oh, the love vibrations in this room! Mako and Maylei are going to interview Medusa, the “Gangsta Goddess of West Coast Hip Hop,” and Alice Bag. You know, if you want to follow a Blogger who is getting all this, check out “Blackboxprof” I see her taking the best notes.

But I will say, Maylei Blackwell just asked a great question of Alice Bag and Medusa: I paraphrase: You’ve been described as angry on stage, what do you do with your feminine energy onstage and how do you use the power of the erotic… Medusa talks about all the people in her work, not just one person, all parts of her work. Alice talks about feeling her strength, and it isn’t masculine or feminine, it’s androgynous, and connective.

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