Here again

It feels great to be back in Washington Hall! This is my third WWR. The aroma of home cooking greets us as we go up the stairs. The altar and ofrenda are bright, colorful, gorgeous. The film fest is underway—the audience is the usual beautiful mix of young women (and a few young men). Alice Bag’s hair is blue this year! The UW grad students are sprinkled through the crowd–they stand out to me because I’ve seen their work deepen over the last three years, and seeing them makes me wish I knew as much about every other young woman here–I want to know what questions and what hopes drive each of them. I aim to chat with at least some of them this evening.

Critical mass

Wow, the intersectional/multiple identity unconference session is JAMMED. There must be 40 people here, crowded into a corner of the ballroom, and they’re an amazing mixture of (mostly) youth of color—folks in their teens & twenties; at least half are men; ah, I think they’re high school students brought here by their teacher…

OK, it’s 45 minutes later and they’re all still hard at it! Now there are over 50 participants and they’re really FOCUSED—they’re into it! They’re hearing about Audre Lord, Tupac, the dissonant divas Deb Vargas has so lovingly written about, etc.—this is good stuff.