2018 Womxn Who Rock (un)Conference: Claiming Space in a Changing City

When: Sat. March 10, 2018 10am to 5pm

Where: Museum of History and Industry.  Pre-registration not required for Women Who Rock attendees.

“City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture”
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies Department, University of Washington
American Ethnic Studies Department, University of Washington 
Simpson Center for the Humanities, University of Washington
Certificate for Public Scholarship, University of WashingtonScreen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.14.07 AM

The 8th annual (un)Conference is free, participant-driven and centered around issues of gender, race, class and sexuality. Activities include skill-sharing workshops, performances, children’s activities, and a tour of the special exhibit

As always,

FREE! All ages! Babies and Children welcome!

On-site registration is available.  There is room for all!

Entrance to MOHAI is free with registration for the event.



10:30  Blessing

~ Cecile Hansen, Honorable Chair Woman of the Duwamish Tribe  

Welcome and norms setting  

~Lulu Carpenter, producer of #LuluNation + Crew  w/ Mr. B of KHUH LP 104.9 FM Hollow Earth Radio along with Sonnet Retman, Michelle Habell-Pallan and and other members of Womxn Who Rock Collective.

10:30-5: All day

~ Children’s activities

  Facilitated by the awesome Teachers Who Tech!

~Tours of MOHAI’s fabulous exhibit, Seattle on the Spot: the Photographs of Al Smith!

~ Community Altar

11:00 A conversation on claiming space as Womxn of Color artists in the

changing city that is Seattle in the era of rapid gentrification featuring:  

~Storyteller and performer  Kibibi Monie,

~MC, educator and organizer, Julie C of Artist Coalition for Equitable

Development (ACED);

~Dancer and educator, Ixtlixochitl Salinas-Whitehawk

~Tribal Chairwoman Cecile Hansen

~Film Producer Sarah Salcedo

11:30 Claiming Space Break Out Sessions:

~Question and Answer session with our 11:00 speakers facilitated by Lulu


~Screening an excerpt from Promised Land with discussion by film producer and co-director, Sarah Salcedo and Duwamish Tribe chairwoman, Cecile Hansen

~Discussion and Idea Incubator Space

12:30 Lunch and Learn:

~Discussion regarding  The CAP Report: 30 Ideas for Creation, Activation and

Preservation of Cultural Space. With S. Surface from Seattle Arts Commission

1:30 Blues Jam

~with Annette Taborn, Reese Tanimura and friends!!!!


2:30 Skill Shares with local media justice activists:

~Jessica Ry’cheal whose work is featured in the Everyday Black exhibit at the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM)

~Cynthia Brothers of Vanishing Seattle who documents gentrification.

~Screening of KD Ray’s film on Ernestine Anderson, followed by discussion with the filmmaker

~Angel ‘Moonyeka’ Langley  of Au Collective and leader of the project What’s Poppin’ Ladiez?

3:30 Closing Musical Jam featuring:

~International community feminist/feminista comunitario /Afro-Ecuadorian artist,

Black Mama

~Dancer and scholar,  Dr. Jade Power-Sotomayor and friends!

6:30 pm After-Party on the Virginia V, docked behind MOHAI featuring the Rain City Jazz Orchestra


We hope to see you on Saturday, March 10!

In solidarity and love,

The WWR 2018 Leadership Team!

En Español:

Conferencia de Womxn Who Rock Community (un): ¡Haciendo espacio en una ciudad cambiante es en MOHAI este año el 10 de marzo, de 10: 30-5 pm!

La octava Conferencia anual (no) es gratuita, está dirigida por participantes y se centra en cuestiones de género, raza, clase y sexualidad. Las actividades incluyen talleres de intercambio de habilidades, actuaciones, actividades para niños y un recorrido por la exposición especial
¡GRATIS para las mujeres que tocan a los asistentes! ¡Todas las edades! El registro en el sitio está disponible. ¡Hay espacio para todos!

El evento de este año contará con:

10:30  Una bienvenida y bendición de Cecile Hansen, Honorable Chair Woman of the Duwamish Tribe
MC, educadora y organizadora, Julie C de Artist Coalition for Equitable Development (ACED); bailarín y educador, Ixtlixochitl Salinas-Whitehawk,

10:30-5: Las actividades de los niños todo el día son facilitadas por los maestros Teachers Who Tech.

11:00 Una conversación sobre reclamar espacio como artistas de la Womxn of Color en la cambiante ciudad que es Seattle en la era de la gentrificación rápida con la narradora e intérprete Kibibi Monie, MC, educadora y organizadora, Julie C de Artist Coalition for Equitable Development (ACED); bailarina y educadora, Ixtlixochitl Salinas-Whitehawk, y
– Proyecciones documentales de películas de los cineastas locales Kay D. Ray y Sarah Salcedo, codirectora y productora de Promised Land.

-Bienvenida y normas Lulu Carpenter, productora de #LuluNation + Crew w / Mr. B de KHUH LP 104.9 FM Hollow Earth Radio, y otros miembros de Womxn Who Rock Collective Sonnet Retman, Michelle Habell-Pallan

2:30 Facilita acciones de los activistas de justicia de los medios locales, Jessica Ry’cheal, cuyo trabajo se presenta en la exhibición Everyday Black en el Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) y Cynthia Brothers of Vanishing Seattle, quienes documentan la gentrificación.

All Day:  Excursiones de la fabulosa exhibición de MOHAI, Seattle in situ: las fotografías de Al Smith

-Música y danza jazz participativo, hiphop, blues y bomba puertorriqueña, funk jams por comunidad internacional feminista / feminista comunitario / artista afro-ecuatoriano, Black Mama y Dr. Jade Power-Sotomayor, Reese Tanimura y más !!!!

– ¡Habilitación en la sala de Incubadora OneAmerica y más!

-Almunity Altar: abierto a la participación de la comunidad

¡Esperamos verte el sábado, 10 de marzo!

En solidaridad y amor,

El Comité Organizador de la unConferencia Womxn Who Rock 2018

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