Women of Color For Systemic Change to facilitate the WWR 2015 (un)Conference Intergenerational Roundtable!

Read the WOCFSC mission statement below. Check out their website www.wocfsc.com for more information on the members of WOCFSC.


We, as young people, have chosen to come forth and call out the many inequalities within the current Criminal Justice System. This system has blatantly devalued, dehumanized, and dismissed people of color. The Black and African American Community in the United States have especially been targeted. We are outraged with this systemic failure.

Through our aggressively peaceful actions we promote the following to be put in place:

  • A Criminal Justice System that prosecutes police officers without bias, by having them tried by a third party prosecutor who does not have a conflict of interest with the police department.
  • A law enforcement thoroughly trained in cultural competency so they are able to properly protect the communities which they interact with.
  • Required annual workshops that teaches law enforcement to de-escalate situations without using their gun or any other weapon as a first response.

To not act is an injustice within itself. As citizens we need to step up and no longer allow law enforcement to abuse their power. The current state of the Criminal Justice System has increased persecution of Black and African American people. We will no longer tolerate the mistreatment, lack of support, and denied opportunities for this community.

We are addressing these issues through peaceful protests, unifying actions, and productive dialogues. We invite law enforcement, elected officials, and community members to join the movement towards police accountability.

Power to the People!

Peace & Love,
Women of Color for Systemic Change


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